Europe bank weighs Bosnia wind, hydro funding

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is considering a proposal to provide 130 million euros (US$203.6 million) to Bosnia and Herzegovina for development of wind farms and small hydroelectric projects.

The funding, proposed for Elektroprivreda Hrvatske Zajednice Herceg-Bosne, is intended to increase the regional utility’s generating capacity, raise the use of renewable energy, and broaden the power production base.

EIB said the project is expected to comprise three wind farms totaling about 130 MW and four small hydro plants totaling about 15 MW. The total project is expected to cost 260 million euros (US$407.2 million).

The project remains at the EIB appraisal stage. Elektroprivreda Hrvatske is to procure all major supply contracts in accordance with EIB requirements. Minor contracts such as studies and civil works might be procured under national rules, EIB said.

In 2007, EIB approved a 103 million euro (US$134.7 million) loan to Bosnia and Herzegovina for rehabilitation of eight hydropower plants totaling 2,800 MW and electricity distribution systems. (HNN 1/11/07)

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