European bank considers funding Madagascar’s 58-MW Andekaleka

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is considering an application from the government of Madagascar to finance the installation of two additional turbine-generators at Madagascar’s 58-MW Andekaleka hydroelectric project.

EIB said it has the request for 18 million euros (US$28 million) under appraisal as part of an expansion project totaling 40.3 million euros (US$63.3 million).

An anticipation of EIB funding, Madagascar’s national utility, Jiro Sy Rano Malagasy (Jirama) took applications last November for pre-qualification to supply a new fourth turbine-generator for Andekaleka. (HNN 10/10/07) It also has solicited rehabilitation work at the existing project under a US$10 million credit from the World Bank’s International Development Association. (HNN 10/18/07)

EIB said the proposed funding would finance procurement, installation, and commissioning of two additional turbines at the existing plant. Jirama previously said it was seeking a 33.2-MW turbine designed for a head of 214.5 meters.

Although Madagascar’s national environmental legislation does not require a full environmental impact study for the plant expansion, EIB said Jirama submitted a study and approval application to authorities. EIB said Jirama also agreed to comply with bank procurement guidelines.

The expansion program is intended to permit decommissioning of a number of small, inefficient, thermal generators, reducing both generating costs and carbon dioxide emissions.

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