FERC accepts preliminary permit application for 172-MW Panther pumped storage project

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission announced on July 25 it had accepted an application for a preliminary permit for the 172-MW Panther Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Project in Pennsylvania.

The project, to be located near the town of Simpson in Lackawanna and Wayne Counties, would be developed by Merchant Hydro Developers LLC.

Facilities to be built would consist of:

  • A new upper reservoir with a surface area of 175 acres and a storage capacity of 2,625 acre-feet at a surface elevation of about 1,960 feet above mean sea level
  • A new lower reservoir with a surface area of 180 acres and a total storage capacity of 4,500 acre-feet at a surface elevation of 1,325 feet above msl
  • A 6,045-foot-long penstock 48 inches in diameter connecting the two reservoirs
  • A 150-foot-long and 50-foot-wide powerhouse containing two turbine-generator units
  • A new transmission line connecting the powerhouse to a nearby electric grid interconnection point

The project would have annual generation of 502,717 MWh, and water for filling and make-up water possibly would come from the Lackawanna River.

Merchant Hydro’s website says “We develop pumped storage generation facilities adjacent to existing renewable energy resources and in areas of market congestion in the PJM Interconnection.”

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