FERC certifies California, Pennsylvania projects for tax credits

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has certified incremental generation at the 193-MW Haas-Kings River project in California and additional incremental generation at the 29.08-MW Piney project in Pennsylvania for renewable energy production tax credits.

193-MW Haas-Kings River

Pacific Gas &Electric Co. sought the federal production tax credit for efficiency improvements from turbine upgrades at Haas-Kings River’s two powerhouses (No. 1988), on the North Fork Kings River in Fresno County, Calif.

In an Oct. 23 order, FERC certified a historical generation baseline total of 723,156,388 kilowatt-hours for both powerhouses. It certified incremental generation from improvements of 9,372,493 kWh at Kings River powerhouse, an increase of 1.29 percent in generation, and 18,101,380 kWh for Haas powerhouse, an increase of 2.5 percent.

29.08-MW Piney

Brookfield Power Piney &Deep Creek LLC sought a second certification of incremental generation gained from efficiency improvements at the Piney project (No. 309), on the Clarion River in Clarion County, Pa.

In 2006, FERC certified incremental generation associated with an upgrade of the turbine for Unit 2. (HNN 6/7/06)

The new certification involves Unit 1. The licensee increased capacity by replacing the Unit 1 runner and by updating a performance curve for Unit 2. It also made changes to project maximum daily headpond elevation limits.

FERC certified on Oct. 23 a historical generation baseline of 73,561,000 kWh. It certified incremental generation of 2,825,000 kWh, a 3.84 percent increase from improvements.

The Haas-Kings River and Piney projects join more than a dozen others for which FERC has certified incremental generation under the Energy Policy Act of 2005. (HNN 10/7/08)

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