FERC reports 6.5-MW expanded Kansas River hydropower project in service

WASHINGTON, D.C. (1/7/2013) — The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission reports Bowersock Mills & Power Co. placed in service the 6.5-MW Expanded Kansas River project during the month of November.

The Energy Infrastructure Update for November 2012, issued by FERC’s Office of Energy Projects, also showed the commission granted exemptions from hydro licensing to three projects totaling 490 kW.

The Expanded Kansas River project (No. 13526) is, as its name implies, an expansion of the existing 2.14-MW Kansas River project at Bowersock Mills Dam in Lawrence, Kan. It features a new powerhouse across the river from the existing powerhouse that began generating electricity in 1905. FERC certified the additional 4.397 MW for renewable energy production tax credits in 2010.

The Energy Infrastructure Update said the expansion was placed in service in November but was not operating due to low water in the Kansas River.

FERC also granted exemptions in November to three conduit projects in Oregon totaling 490 kW.

Two of the exemptions went to the city of Pendleton, Ore., including one for the 161-kW Energy Recovery Technology (ERT) project (No. 14407) on the city’s water system in Umatilla County, Ore. Pendleton received the other for the 234.4-kW ERT Phase 2 project (No. 14440) also on the city’s water system in Umatilla County.

FERC issued the third exemption to the city of Hillsboro, Ore., for the 94-kW Will Crandall Reservoir project (No. 14445) on the city’s water distribution system in Washington County, Ore.

In other action, the commission amended an exemption held by Lee R. and A. Leon Thayn increasing the capacity of the Thayn project (No. 6643) by 175 kW to a total 575 kW. The project is on the Green River in Emery County, Utah.

FERC, which previously used the infrastructure update as an in-house tool, began making the monthly update public beginning with December 2010. The report allows the public to track the activities of the Office of Energy Projects in the areas of hydropower, natural gas, electric generation, and electric transmission.

The Office of Energy Projects’ Energy Infrastructure Update for November 2012 may be obtained from the FERC Internet site under http://www.ferc.gov/legal/staff-reports/nov-2012-energy-infrastructure.pdf.

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