Firms sought to expand storage of Germany’s 220-MW Erzhausen Pumped-Storage

A unit of European utility Statkraft invites applications for pre-qualification to expand the water storage capacity, and thereby generation, of the 200-MW Erzhausen Pumped-Storage project in Germany. Responses are due March 17.

Erzhausen was built in 1964 by PreussenElektra of Germany, later called E.ON. The Norway-based Statkraft assumed ownership of the plant in 2009, following a giant trade of assets with E.ON. Last year, Statkraft announced its intention to invest nearly US$2 billion through 2018 for upgrades and modernization of its hydroelectric fleet.

Erzhausen features upper and lower reservoirs and a powerhouse containing four Francis spiral turbine-generators. It also houses the central control room for monitoring and semi-automated operation of run-of-river hydro projects on the Weser, Werra, Fulda, Hunte and Eder rivers.

Statkraft Markets GmbH now invites applications for pre-qualification to increase the amount of energy stored by Erzhausen to its maximum. The company plans to make modifications to the project that would allow it to utilize existing water reserves, since planned storage levels are below the existing dam crests. Work would involve the crest of the ring dam and intake structure of the upper reservoir, the overflow threshold at the pumping station and the water side embankment slope of the lower reservoir’s main dam.

Applications for pre-qualification are to be submitted by March 17 through the European online supplier information system Connexio by submitting answers to a questionnaire at the Internet site Statkraft plans to select a firm from a short-list of qualified suppliers.

For information about Connexio or Achilles Information GmbH, see the Achilles Internet site above, call (49) 2115382170 or e-mail: For other information, contact Julia Tang, Head of Procurement, Statkraft Markets GmbH, (49) 22339580100; E-mail:; Internet:

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