First unit of China’s 6,300-MW Longtan begins trial operation

Longtan Hydropower Development Co. reports the first turbine-generator of the 6,300-MW Longtan hydroelectric project has begun trial operation on the Hongshui River in China’s Guangxi Province.

China’s Xinhua news service quoted sources May 28 saying the unit is the first of three expected to be commissioned in 2007 in the nine-unit plant.

Voith Siemens Hydro Shanghai delivered the first of seven 715-MW Francis turbine runners to the project in 2006. (HNN 9/12/06) Its consortium partner, Dongfang Electrical Machinery Co. of China, is manufacturing the balance of equipment. The final project is to be completed in 2009 with an extension to nine units totaling 6,300 MW.

�We are preparing for the operation of the other two generators that are also slated for this year,� said General Manager Dai Bo of Longtan Hydropower, a unit of China Datang Corp.

China Datang invested 30 billion renminbi (US$3.9 billion) to build Longtan’s 216.5-meter-tall dam, shiplock, and underground powerhouse. Construction began in 2001. When complete, it is to generate 18.7 billion kWh annually.

The China unit of Voith Siemens Hydro Power Generation provided the design, supplying part of the turbines from its Shanghai facility, and managing site manufacture of five of the seven runners. Because the 8-meter-diameter runners are too large to transport to Longtan’s project location, they are being built in a specially erected facility at the project site.

China National Power Corp. signed agreements in 1999 with Guangxi Power Co., Guangxi Development and Investment Co., and Guizhou Province to facilitate construction of the project.

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