FirstEnergy seeks renewable energy credits including hydro for Ohio utilities

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FirstEnergy Corp. has issued a request for proposals to provide renewable energy credits from generating sources including hydropower, on behalf of its Ohio utilities, Ohio Edison, Cleveland Electric Illuminating, and Toledo Edison.

FirstEnergy scheduled a webinar on the RFP process for Oct. 29 and called for proposals by Dec. 3.

The utilities seek both renewable energy credits from renewables projects including hydropower and a separate category of solar renewable energy credits. A credit represents the environmental attributes of 1 MWh of generation from renewables facilities under guidelines of the Ohio’s alternative energy law. No energy or capacity is being purchased under the RFP.

FirstEnergy issued a similar solicitation for renewable energy credits in 2012. The utility group recently sold 11 hydro projects totaling 530 MW to Harbor Hydro Holdings, a unit of LS Power Group.

In the current solicitation, FirstEnergy seeks 5,100 Solar Renewable Energy Credits and 250,000 Renewable Energy Credits to meet the Ohio utilities’ obligations under Ohio’s alternative energy law. Renewable Energy Credits may be supplied by projects listed as eligible under Ohio Senate Bill 310, which became effective in September.

Eligible projects include hydroelectric facilities on a dam or river or on any water discharged to a river within Ohio or bordering an adjoining state that meet a list of standards including: flows that are not detrimental to fish, wildlife or water quality; compliance with state water quality standards, mandatory fish passage prescriptions of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regulation, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency recommendations, the Endangered Species Act and FERC recreation requirements; does not harm cultural resources; and is not recommended for removal by any state or federal agency.

S.B.310 established a new category of eligible hydro projects, “a run-of-the-river hydroelectric facility placed in service on or after Jan. 1, 1980, that is located within this state, relies upon the Ohio River, and operates, or is rated to operate, at an aggregate capacity of 40 or more megawatts.” Several hydroelectric projects have been or are being developed on the Ohio River at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers navigation dams.

The RFP is being managed by Navigant Consulting Inc., which has established an Internet site,, to provide bidders a central source of documents and other information on the process. FirstEnergy and Navigant have scheduled a webinar at 11 a.m., Eastern time, Oct. 29 to outline the RFP process.

Bidders are encouraged to register to submit questions by Nov. 5 and to submit credit applications and proposals by 5 p.m., Eastern time, Dec. 3.

For information, contact Director Dan Bradley, Navigant Consulting; E-mail:; Internet:

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