Flow Science Inc. consults for Minerva Dynamics in virtual reality of marine hydrokinetics

On Dec. 4, Flow Science Inc. announced it has an agreement with Minerva Dynamics to help Minerva’s clientele solve complex fluid dynamic issues, which include marine hydrokinetics, by using computer-generated virtual reality.

Minerva Dynamics, based in Bath, England, specializes in the simulation of hydrodynamic design problems. Flow Science Inc. is a privately held software company based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico in the United States that provides computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solutions through its flagship software, FLOW-3D.

FLOW-3D enables highly accurate simulations of free-surface flows using TruVOF, the original and true form of the Volume-of-Fluid technique, according to Flow Science. The company’s transient, free-surface CFD flow modeling software is used worldwide for industrial and scientific applications.

The announcement that Minerva has selected Flow Science for consultancy services comes at a time as competition increases in scaled-experimentation for tidal energy research.

FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility opened in June, based in Scotland at the University of Edinburgh. The hydroelectric research feature has as its centerpiece for tidal energy studies, a tank 25 meters in diameter by 5 meters in depth. The structure is the first of its kind capable of simulating scaled-equivalents of waves up to 28 meters high and water currents up to 14 knots.

Minerva officials said they offer a UK-based resource to service the increasing need to simulate challenging, free-surface flow problems without the expense or technical constraints associated with scaled, experimental testing.

“Our services are targeted towards engineers and scientists who require a deeper understanding of their problem and quantifiable forces, coefficients and flow rates,” said Peter Arnold, principal of Minerva Dynamics.

The relationship with Flow Science may likely help Minerva maintain its presence as a viable option that offers CFD services to clients in the maritime, hydraulic engineering and manufacturing sectors.

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Gregory B. Poindexter formerly was an associate editor for HydroWorld.com.

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