Free Flow Power files three more license applications totaling 78 MW

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission received three more hydro license applications during March from Free Flow Power Corp. for projects at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dams totaling 78 MW.

The Energy Infrastructure Update for March 2014, compiled by FERC’s Office of Energy Projects, included three Free Flow Power filings for projects on the Ohio River in Pennsylvania. Free Flow filed applications in February for seven projects at Corps dams in West Virginia and Pennsylvania totaling 70 MW and last November for four projects at Corps dams in Mississippi totaling 33.3 MW.

Free Flow Power affiliates filed original license applications in March for:

  • 24-MW Emsworth Locks and Dam (No. 13757) on the Ohio in Allegheny County, Pa.;
  • 12-MW Emsworth Back Channel Dam (No. 13761) on the Ohio in Allegheny County, Pa.; and
  • 42-MW Montgomery Locks and Dam (No. 13768) on the Ohio in Beaver County, Pa.

The Corps recently completed rehabilitation of Emsworth’s Main Channel and Back Channel dams. Many Corps dams on the Ohio have been studied for hydropower for at least two decades by various parties. In the last 10 years, preliminary permits were held by BPUS Generation Development LLC for the Emsworth projects and for Montgomery.

In other action in March, FERC reported the village of Potsdam, N.Y., placed in service a 700-kW capacity increase at its original 800-kW Potsdam hydro project (No. 2869) on the Raquette River in New York. The project, which received a FERC exemption from licensing in 1981, now totals 1.5 MW.

Also in March, FERC issued a hydrokinetic pilot project license (No. 12690) for the 600-kW Admiralty Inlet Pilot tidal project to be installed in Washington’s Puget Sound. Shortly after the ruling, Pacific Crossing, owner of the PC-1 subsea telecommunications cable linking the United States and Japan, filed a request for rehearing, arguing the tidal project would pose a risk to its cable, 170 meters from the project site.

FERC, which previously used the infrastructure update as an in-house tool, began making the monthly update public beginning with December 2010. The report allows the public to track the activities of the Office of Energy Projects in the areas of hydropower, natural gas, electric generation, and electric transmission.

The Office of Energy Projects’ Energy Infrastructure Update for March 2014 may be obtained from the FERC Internet site under

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