Free Flow Power surrenders permits for Ohio River projects

Free Flow Power Corp. has surrendered preliminary permits granted by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to study the feasibility of developing 10 hydrokinetic projects totaling 433.2 MW at sites on the Ohio River.

As managing member of various subsidiary development companies, Free Flow notified FERC it is surrendering permits for the projects granted Dec. 2, 2008. Free Flow said the energy generation potential of the sites is not sufficient to justify further development, citing diligence on, and research into, bathymetry, depths, and flow velocities.

Ramya Swaminathan, Free Flow’s vice president of project development, signed a letter dated April 28, 2009,¬†surrendering permits for: 57-MW Ohio River 13 (No. 13165); 78-MW Ohio River 14 (No. 13166); 48-MW Ohio River 15 (No. 13167); 37.8-MW Ohio River 16 (No. 13168); 31.2-MW Ohio River 17 (No. 13169); 24-MW Ohio River 18 (No. 13170); 33.6-MW Ohio River 19 (No.13171); 38.4-MW Ohio River 20 (No. 13172); 20.4-MW Ohio River 21 (No. 13173); and 64.8-MW Ohio River 22 (No. 13175).

FERC issued notices of the surrender in May, setting June 5 as the effective date. Had FFP not surrendered them, the permits would have expired at the end of November 2011. Free Flow said it is continuing to study bathymetry, depths, and flow velocities at its other permitted Ohio River projects. It also holds permits to study hydrokinetic projects on the Mississippi and Missouri river systems. (HydroWorld 4/16/09)

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