French engineer seeks equipment rehab at 7.9-MW Chavaroche hydropower project

Hydropower engineer Hydrostadium invites applications for pre-qualification to replace three turbines and foot valves and to renovate generators of the 7.9-MW Chavaroche hydroelectric project on France’s Fier River. Responses are due March 11.

Hydrostadium, a subsidiary of Electricite de France, awarded a contract in 2012 to Rouby of France for work at the 5.9-MW Panneciere hydropower plant on France’s Yonne River.

Chavaroche’s two Westinghouse 2.7-megavolt-ampere generators were installed in 1923 and rewound in 1953. Its Oerlikon 4-MVa generator was installed in 1931 and rewound in 1955.

Hydrostadium seeks firms to replace the project’s three double Francis turbines, two of 2.2-MW and one of 3.5 MW; to replace two 1,200-millimeter-diameter foot valves and a 1,400-mm-diameter foot valve; and to renovate the three generators. The work is expected to require 22 months.

Expressions of interest, in French, are due by 2 p.m. March 11 to the address below. Hydrostadium said tender documents only will be sent to companies whose applications have been accepted.

For information, contact Soizic Depaoli, Hydrostadium, 22 Avenue des Vieux Moulins, 74000 Annecy, France; (33) 450102522; Fax: (33) 450102526; E-mail:; Internet:


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