French hydro operator to seek trash rakes for Rhone plants

Compagnie Nationale du Rhone (CNR) invites applications for pre-qualification by May 9 for supply of trash rakes for its system of hydropower plants on France’s Rhone River.

CNR owns 18 hydro plants on the Rhone ranging from 40 MW to 400 MW and totaling 2,937 MW. In the framework of its maintenance and capital spending programs, CNR said it plans to buy new trash rakes for installations of various sizes. Suppliers would be qualified for work through March 2009.

CNR said it would qualify companies to supply any or all of three lots:
o Lot 1 � screen cleaners of small capacity for facilities with flows of 10 cubic meters per second (cms);
o Lot 2 � screen cleaners of average capacity for flows of 30 to 50 cms;
o Lot 3 � screen cleaners of large capacity for flows of 3,000 cms.

Pre-qualification documents may be obtained from the address below. Responses on paper and CD-ROM are due by noon May 9 to the address below.

For information, contact Philippe Magherini, Compagnie Nationale du Rhone, Service Achats, 2 rue Andre Bonin, F-69316 Lyon, France; (33) 47-2006973; Fax: (33) 47-2106660; E-mail:; Internet:

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