French town seeks reconstruction of 754-kW Forge a Quillan

QUILLAN, France 6/21/12 (PennWell) — The town of Quillan seeks bids for reconstruction of the Forge a Quillan hydroelectric plant on France’s Aude River to a capacity of 754 kW. Bids are due July 6.

Quillan seeks bids for three lots for construction of a powerhouse, supply and installation of a 450-kW Kaplan turbine, and supply and installation of a 304-kW hydrodynamic screw. The work is to be performed between August and December 2012.

Tender documents may be obtained from the address below. Bids, in French, are due by noon July 6.

For information, contact Ville de Quillan, RMEE 18 rue de la Mairie, Attn.: Cattenat Christophe, 11500 Quillan, France; (33) 468202366.


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French town seeks instream flow turbine for Lavalette Dam

SAINT-ETIENNE, France 12/21/11 (PennWell) — The town of Saint-Etienne seeks bids for installation of an instream flow turbine at Lavalette Dam in France. Bids are due January 23, 2012.

Saint-Etienne has been rehabilitating Lavalette Dam, its water supply facility built in 1914. Utility Electricite de France also uses the dam to divert water to its Versilhac and Chapelette hydropower plants.

The town seeks bids to supply a Francis turbine-generator, valve, control panel, and 400-kilovolt-ampere interconnection.

Bid documents may be obtained from Ville de Saint-Etienne, Direction Juridique Assemblee Marches, Hotel de Ville Cedex 1 BP 503, 42007 Saint-Etienne, France; (33) 477487807. Bids, in French, are due by noon January 23.
For information, contact Ville de Saint-Etienne, Direction Voirie Infrastructure, Geraldine Crozet, 5 rue Auguste Guitton, 42000 Saint-Etienne, France; (33) 477487366; Fax: (33) 477487345; E-mail:; Internet: