French utility seeks turbine rehab at 240-MW La Rance tidal

CHAMBERY, France 5/24/12 (PennWell) — Electricite de France (EDF) seeks bids for rehabilitation of five bulb turbines at the 240-MW La Rance tidal power plant in France. Bids are due June 20.

La Rance has been operating since 1966 in the La Rance River estuary. Its 24 10-MW bulb turbine-generators are 5.35 meters in diameter and weigh 470 tons. Alstom Hydro France received a contract in 2008 for maintenance of the stators and rotors of La Rance’s generators.

EDF currently seeks bids for mechanical and electrical renovation of five turbines. Work is to include mechanical studies, disassembly and reassembly and recommissioning of turbines, manufacturing or rehabilitation of dismantled parts, repair of corrision resistant paint, and supply of spare parts. The work is expected to require 60 months.

Solicitation documents may be obtained from the address below. Bids, in French, are due June 20 via EDF’s purchasing website,

For information, contact EDF SA – Direction des Achats, 55208131783444, Agence Achats Hydraulique, 13 Rue Jean Girard Madoux, Attn.: Christophe Bouvier, 73026 Chambery, France; (33) 479-266814; Fax: (33) 479-266803; E-mail:; Internet:

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French utility seeks engineering to expand 12-MW Drac Inferieur

CHAMBERY, France 12/6/11 (PennWell) — Utility Electricite de France (EDF) seeks bids for engineering, procurement, and construction to add four turbine-generators to the 12-MW Drac Inferieur hydroelectric project on France’s Drac River. Bids are due December 16.

EDF said the units are to be added at the end of the tailrace of the Drac Inferieur hydro plant, which was built in 1932 in Echirolles. Work was solicited to upgrade the project in 2009.

The current solicitation is for engineering design, procurement, and civil works to install the four additional generating groups at Echirolles in Isere Department. The work is to include all temporary works for water diversion, access roads, and protection of nearby structures. The work is to require 14 months.

Tender documents may be obtained from the address below. Bids, in French, are due by noon December 16. For information, contact Eric Richard, Electricite de France, Directions des Achats, Agence Achats Hydraulique, 13 rue Jean Girard-Madoux, 73026 Chambery, France; (33) 479264943; Fax: (33) 479266802; E-mail: