Gael Force Group supplies SeaLimpet mooring device to OPT

INVERNESS, Scotland 9/13/11 (PennWell) — Gael Force Group announces the completion of its first contract for supply of the SeaLimpet mooring device.

New Jersey-based Ocean Power Technologies commissioned three 460-ton SeaLimpets for deployment of its PowerBuoy wave energy device. The SeaLimpets have been delivered ready for use by OPT off the coast of the state of Oregon in the USA. The contract had a total value of $1.48 million.

This gravity-based mooring device is a cylindrical concrete structure with built-in chambers that can be flooded with water or evacuated using compressed air. This design allows the device to be towed, floated into position, and then flooded to sink under controlled conditions, Gael Force says.

The company originally developed the SeaLimpet concept for an in-house marine renewable energy project. Gael Force is now engaged in developing adaptations of the device for a variety of off-shore engineering projects.

“The versatility and adaptability of the SeaLimpet mean that it has vast potential for both subsea and renewable applications where low cost of deployment, accuracy and safety are key drivers,” says David Guthrie, managing director of Gael Force.

OPT currently has a PowerBuoy device deployed off the coast of the state of New Jersey.

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