GE Energy introduces new hydro condition monitoring system

GE Energy has introduced its hydro Stator End Winding Accelerometer (SEW Accel) system, the latest addition to the Bently Nevada line of condition monitoring for hydroelectric turbine generators, GE reported.

The sensor detects vibrations that can result from insulation deterioration due to prolonged exposure to electrical tracking and ozone, thereby helping to avoid catastrophic failure and aiding in the determination of proper maintenance cycles, a press release states.

Developed and tested with the assistance of an electric utility in North America, the SEW Accel is a single unit that provides dual axis measurements using MEMS capacitive accelerometers. The sensor is affixed directly to selected end windings and is designed to resist electrical tracking, corona damage, partial discharge and magnetic and electric field interferences, a press release states.

The sensor’s technology eliminates 670 Hz noise that is a characteristic of some fiber optic sensors, GE said. When used with the Bently Nevada 3500/46M Hydro Monitor, the SEW Accel provides Pole Passing Frequency (Forcing Frequency) amplitudes, and resultant acceleration measurements for the combined X and Y-axis, thus providing a complete vibration overview, GE reported.

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