GE providing power conversion system for Paimpol-Brehat tidal energy array

GE Power Conversion is supplying the electrical conversion system to be installed for a tidal energy array near Paimpol-Brehat, France, later this year.

Electricite de France is spearheading development of this site

Irish manufacturer OpenHydro was chosen to supply two tidal turbines for installation at this site in June 2014. Each 16-meter turbine will be connected to a common subsea converter that will transform the current to high-voltage direct current with an electricity capacity of 1 MW. The power will be transmitted to the onshore station via a 16-km-long subsea cable and eventually feed into the electrical grid, according to a press release from GE.

GE is undertaking development of both the subsea converter, to be delivered in summer 2015, and the onshore station.

According to EDF, France alone holds 20% of Europe’s marine energy generation potential. In fact, EDF estimates the workable European marine capacity to be about 12.5 GW. The company is focusing on this project, which has been under way since 2008, to help supplement its existing generation assets.

A memorandum of understanding was signed to develop this tidal energy site in March 2012.

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