Group proposes massive wave power plant in northern Wales

Hydrokinetic developer Tidal Lagoon Power Limited is eyeing Colwyn Bay in north Wales as a prospective site for a new 1 GW ocean power project, has learned.

The company — already planning a 250 MW project of similar design off Wales’ southern coast near Swansea Bay — said it is now determining the economic viability and environmental feasibility of the Colwyn Bay lagoon.

“It is one of several sites we are considering for a second lagoon project after Swansea Bay,” Tidal Lagoon Power CEO Mark Shorrock said.

Sharrock told a Welsh newspaper that he ultimately envisions tidal lagoon plants along the entire coastline. Each lagoon would consist of a ring-like harbor structure, whose walls would be dotted with bi-directional tidal turbines. Tides passing in and out of the turbines would be used to generate power.

“Our work creates a great opportunity for Wales to take the lead in the tidal industry in the U.K., driving a critical change in our energy mix with low-cost, low-carbon electricity that is sustainable long-term,” Shorrock said.

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