Group readying for Lake Sebu pre-feasibility study

SOUTH COTABATO, Philippines 3/28/12 (PennWell) — Renewable energy company Euro Hydro Power (Asia) Holdings Inc. will launch a feasibility study for its 5-MW Lake Sebu hydropower plant in the Philippines, sources report.

The facility, which would be built on the third of Lake Sebu’s seven waterfalls, is being developed by the South Cotabato I Electric Cooperative (Socoteco I).

Socoteco I says it is considering the construction of a small impounding structure at waterfall No. 3 and that the power generated there would be enough for all of Lake Sebu and nearby Surallah.

The pre-feasibility study was originally scheduled for 2011, a Socoteco I representative says, but it was delayed after Euro Hydro found out the country’s department of energy had already issued a contract over the proposed project area to Renouvel Development Corporation to develop the 21-MW Lanon project. That contract was reportedly cancelled by the department.

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