Guatemala utility issues energy supply tender rules including hydro

Guatemala’s electric utility has issued details of its call for electricity supply, saying it seeks 800 MW from 2015-2030, with 60 percent of it to come from renewables including hydropower. Bids are due October 28.

Empresa Electrica de Guatemala S.A. (EEGSA) previously announced that bidding documents may be obtained until October 27 from EEGSA or DEOCSA-DEORSA at the addresses below for a fee of US$15,000. Distributed Renewable Generating Companies who qualify under current regulations may obtain the documents for US$1,000.

EEGSA said its solicitation, PEG-1-2010, is to supply electricity distributors who agreed to aggregate their capacity and energy needs to increase the number of potential investors, take advantage of domestic renewable energy sources, and to use more efficient technologies for energy production.

Guatemala seeks to generate 60 percent of its electricity from renewables by 2022, with more than 57 percent of that to come from hydropower. That compares to 36 percent of its electricity provided by hydro in 2009.

EEGSA seeks 480 MW to be provided by renewables, with the remaining 320 MW to come from non-renewables. It also wants 480 MW to be provided by new projects while 320 MW is supplied by plants already in operation. Delivery of power is to begin in May 2015.

An announcement of the open solicitation may be obtained from the Internet at Terms of reference, in Spanish, are available on the site under

When picking up documents, firms must appoint an authorized representative and state a physical address, e-mail address, telephone, and fax number within Guatemala City.

Information meetings are scheduled July 7 and September 14. Bids are due October 28. For information, contact:
o Junta de Licitation PEG-1-2010/EEGSA, Empresa Electrica de Guatemala S.A., 6a Avenida 8-14, Zona 1, Guatemala City, Guatemala; (502) 2230-0659; E-mail:;
o Junta de Licitation PEG-1-2010/DEOCSA-DEORSA, 10 Avenida 14-14, Zona 14, Guatemala City, Guatemala; (502) 2367-9407; E-mail:

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