Haiti seeks hydro-mechanical equipment rehab for Canneau Dam

Haiti’s agriculture ministry seeks bids to renovate hydro-mechanical equipment at Canneau Dam on Haiti’s Artibonite River. Documents may be obtained until November 3, with bids due November 20.

With funding from the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), the Ministere de l’Agriculture, des Ressources Naturelles et du Developpement Rural (MARNDR) seeks the work under a water management program in the Artibonite River Basin. The ministry also has called for bids by November 4 to supply gages and monitoring instrumentation at Canneau and the 54-MW Peligre Dam hydroelectric project, also on the Artibonite.

IADB recruited consultants in 2012 for social and environmental studies of the proposed 32-MW Artibonite 4C hydroelectric project to be built downstream of Peligre on the Artibonite.

The current solicitation seeks bids to renovate hydro-mechanical equipment, including acquisition of micro-processors, hydraulic cylinders and a control center, plus repair of valves, at Canneau Dam, which supplies water for irrigation and for the 2.65-MW Drouet hydroelectric project. The work is to require 15 months.

Tender documents, in French, may be obtained from the address below by November 3 for 2,250 gourdes or US$50 by certified check payable to MARNDR. Bids are due by noon November 20.

For information, contact Jacques-Louis Farnel, Director PROGEBA, Ministere de l’Agriculture, des Ressources Naturelles et du Developpement Rural (MARNDR), Bureau de l’Unite de Passation des Marches Publics (UPMP), Cour adjacente au local du CRDA, Offre pour l’AOI No. MARNDR/PROGEBA/B/AOI-02/14, Damien, Route Nationale No. 1, Port-au-Prince, Haiti; (509) 37305110; E-mail: upmp@agriculture.gouv.ht.

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