Hydro could help Ohio meet 25 percent advanced energy mandate

Hydropower could contribute to the success of a state energy plan by Ohio’s governor, who proposes, by 2025, at least 25 percent of the electricity sold in the state must be generated from advanced energy technology. At least half of that energy must come from renewable sources, such as hydropower.

The mandates, which require legislative approval, are included in an energy and jobs plan introduced Aug. 29 by Gov. Ted Strickland. He said the plan is intended to ensure affordable energy prices and to serve as a catalyst to enhance energy industries in Ohio.

The plan includes an �advanced energy portfolio standard� the governor said would bring energy jobs to Ohio and create new opportunities. The advanced energy portfolio standard would encourage development and deployment of energy technologies, including renewables, clean coal, and fuel cells, and emerging technologies that eventually could reach commercial deployment.

As proposed by the governor, renewables would include new low-impact hydro, biomass, geothermal, solar, anaerobic digesters, wind, and municipal solid waste-to-energy. Plan documents do not define what would qualify as new low-impact hydro.

Under the plan, by 2025, utilities also must meet at least 25 percent of the growth in electricity demand by achieving power saving efficiencies.

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