Hydro industry equipment firm Rodney Hunt Company receives ISO 9001:2008 certification

Hydropower industry flow control products firm Rodney Hunt Company has received ISO 9001:2008 certification, the company reported.

The certification is an internationally recognized quality management standard.

The certification was authorized by TUVRheinland, a premier global provider of independent testing and certification services with 15 locations throughout North America.

ISO 9001:2008 provides a set of requirements that must be in place to have a quality management system – regardless of the organization’s size, product or service line, or public or private status. Certification to the standard is voluntary, and organizations must complete a rigorous auditing process by a third-party registrar.

John Kemp, president of Rodney Hunt Company, stated: “This is an important achievement for Rodney Hunt Company. The attainment of ISO 9001:2008 certification is a significant milestone in our journey to continuous improvement. I am very proud of all of our associates that took part in completing the certification process. Rodney Hunt Company will be a stronger, more competitive organization as a result of this certification.”

Rodney Hunt Company has been in continuous and successful operation since 1840, designing and manufacturing engineered flow control products for the hydropower markets and other sectors.

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Hydro industry equipment manufacturer Eaton Corp. expecting hydraulics business growth

Eaton Corp., a manufacturer of hydraulics equipment for the hydropower industry, held its annual distributor meeting Aug. 16-18 in Grapevine, Texas, where the company’s chairman and chief executive officer predicted a strong market for Eaton’s power management systems.

“Our hydraulics business is rebounding,” said Sandy Cutler. “We think our market this year on a worldwide basis will go up about 26 percent.”

The Cleveland, Ohio-based company has 2,000 distributors and 47 manufacturing plants worldwide.

“We are seeing a recovery, but it’s not likely to be the type of recovery we’ve had in the past,” Cutler said. “The business strategies that did well for us coming out of the recovery of the early 2000s are probably not going to be the right ones now.”

Carbon restrictions and other pending measures designed to increase the use of renewable power is expected to yield new interest in power management technologies, Cutler said.

“What a great time to be a specialist in power management,” he said. “The world is very interested in finding alternatives to oil and coal. We are going to see real price mechanisms put in place to make that happen. It’s important we continue to push into these areas of helping our customers find ways to deal with this cost of energy.”

One of Eaton’s featured technologies is a laser-clad coating for piston rods. The new coating, known as Eatonite, is the only coating in the world that can be repaired on-site without removing the equipment from the field, a feature that can keep costs down when a repair is needed, Eaton said.

The high-performance coating can be used on cylinder rods used to open and close spillway gates and control the wicket gates on a turbine governor.

“This technology metallurgically bonds this coating to the base metal,” said Ryan Williams, Eaton’s director of Alternative Energy. “You get great corrosion protection, you get great impact protection, and it’s field repairable. It has advantages over existing coating technologies such as ceramics.”

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