Hydro-Quebec highlights project development in annual sustainability report

MONTREAL, Quebec, Canada 5/14/12 (PennWell) — Canadian provincial utility Hydro-Quebec has released its tenth annual sustainability report, which highlights the company’s initiatives in the area of sustainable development.

The Sustainability Report 2011 — available online here — details Hydro-Quebec’s “Energy Efficiency Plan” and how its implementation is benefitting both consumers and the environment. Since the program was implemented in 2003, Hydro-Quebec says its energy efficiency initiatives have achieved an average annual savings of 6.2 TWh. The company’s goal is 11 TWh per year by 2015.

The report also highlights several development projects, including 770-MW Eastmain 1A, 150-MW Sarcelle and Rupert diversion projects, which created more than 1,400 jobs and included substantial rehabilitation and preservation work.

Hydro-Quebec says the Eastmain 1A-Sarcelle-Rupert project reflects its three development criteria, which stipulate that a project must be “profitable, environmentally acceptable and favorably received by the host community.”

Says Stella Leney, general manager for environment and corporate affairs, “Hydro-Quebec’s sustainability vision goes well beyond the strictly environmental issue. Our vision reflects our desire to understand stakeholders’ concerns and expectations so that we can better take them into account in our choices, decisions and actions. It also expresses our determination to ensure the company’s economic viability and contribute to Québec’s economic vitality.”

Hydro-Quebec is one of the world’s largest hydroelectric producers, with an annual total capacity near 37,000 MW. The Montreal-based company operates 60 hydropower facilities that account for nearly 98% of its total power generation.


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