Hydro-Quebec launches electric vehicle energy transfer program

Energy producer Hydro-Quebec has announced it will partner with GRIDbot Canada to develop a new bi-directional charging station for an experimental electric vehicle program, HydroWorld.com has learned.

The exchange process, called “vehicle-to-grid and vehicle-to-home” (V2G-V2H), would allow energy from the electrical grid to be transferred to the plug-in vehicles and vice versa, potentially allowing electric vehicle owners to use the energy stored in the batteries as temporary power sources.

Hydro-Quebec says its research institute, IREQ, will assemble an electric test vehicle through its subsidiary, TM4, that will then be integrated with the charging station built by GRIDbot.

“We would like to better define the long-term potential of this technology,” says IREQ General Manager Denis Faubert. “Through this initiative, Hydro-Quebec will continue to spearhead the integration of electric vehicles into the power system.”

The project is receiving financial backing from the Quebec government as part of its 2011-2020 Action Plan for Electric Vehicles. Hydro-Quebec announced its intent to advocate for electric vehicles January 2011.

HydroWorld.com reported in January that the government-owned utility had awarded a contract to Alstom for work at its 5,616-MW Robert-Bourassa hydropower facility.

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