Hydro-Quebec seeks partners to advance universal readout device for dam monitoring

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Hydro-Quebec invites expressions of interest in a partnership with the utility to develop a universal readout device for dam monitoring applications. Responses are due May 14.

In February, Hydro-Quebec courted firms interested in partnering arrangements to provide hydropower equipment manufacturing and refurbishment using Hydro-Quebec’s SCOMPI robot technology. Hydro-Quebec is one of the world’s largest hydroelectric producers, with an annual total capacity near 37,000 MW.

Hydro-Quebec now invites expressions of interest in partnership arrangements for industrialization and commercialization of universal computer measurement (Poste de Mesure Universel, PMU) for sensors in geotechnical and structural auscultation of dams.

Information on obtaining application documents is available on Hydro-Quebec’s Internet site under http://www.hydroquebec.com/soumissionnez/data/14269418.htm. Companies that are pre-qualified will receive any proposal documents published in connection with the project.

Responses are due May 14 for $25. For information, contact Bruno Marcotte, IT Procurement Unit, Hydro-Quebec (1) 514-840-3000, ext. 6765; E-mail: marcotte.bruno@hydro.qc.ca.


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