Hydro rehab and upgrade workshop set for week of HydroVision International

A workshop focusing on the rehabilitation and upgrade of hydropower facilities is among the co-located events being offered the week of HydroVision International 2011 in California.

The July 18 workshop, titled “Best Practices for Renewal and Upgrading of Hydropower Facilities to Maintain and Provide Value to the Power System,” is organized by the International Energy Agency and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Preceding HydroVision International 2011, a wide range of topics, from fish passage design to generator maintenance, will be featured during a series of co-located workshops.

Workshops are being offered Monday, July 18, and Tuesday, July 19, during the week of HydroVision International, which will be held at the Sacramento Convention Center July 19-22.

Join the “Best Practices for Renewal and Upgrading of Hydropower Facilities to Maintain and Provide Value to the Power System” workshop to:

Become aware of good case histories and modern technologies for the renewal and upgrading of aging hydro plants, including hydropower projects to provide ancillary services for the integration of intermittent wind and solar power generation
Learn how to establish the economic values of water and energy services provided by multi-purpose hydro projects beyond the generation of renewable electricity
Gain insight about upgrading existing hydropower plants and retrofitting non-powered dams
Get details on the activities of the International Energy Agency’s Hydropower Implementing Agreement, Annex IX and Annex XI, and find out how you can benefit from this work

Supplement your time in Sacramento by registering for one or more of the co-located workshops preceding HydroVision. Separate registration is required. Fill out the registration form online at www.hydroevent.com.

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