HydroVision International presents Attendees’ Choice and Best Technical Paper awards

Three HydroVision International 2012 panel presentation sessions received Attendees’ Choice Awards and 15 technical papers were presented with Best Technical Paper Awards. These brand-new awards recognize outstanding educational content at the event.

Elizabeth Ingram, senior editor of Hydro Review, announced the winners at the closing luncheon of the HydroVision International 2012 event, which was held July 17-20 in Louisville, Ky.

Attendees’ Choice Awards

Conference delegates voted for their favorite panel presentation sessions each day. The award was presented to the moderator and panelists in these sessions.


How Small Hydro is Shaping the World’s Energy Future, with moderator Sonya Reiser with Knight Piesold and Company and panelists Rudolf Jacobs, Hidroelectrica Choloma SA; Paul Roos, AMJET Turbine Systems; Michael Maley, Hydro Green Energy; and Guillaume Desvignes, Electricite de France


When Does It Make Sense to Consider a Dam Removal? with moderator Thomas Hepler with the Bureau of Reclamation and panelists C. Richard Donnelly, Hatch; Will Shallenberger, PacifiCorp; Stephen Newman, URS Corporation; and Denise Hoffert-Hay, Confluence Consulting


Surprising New Hydropower — Projects at New and Existing Water Infrastructure, with moderator Charles Rehn with AMEC and panelists Dave Boyter, Riverbank Inc.; Gary Pan, Hydrotech; Brett Bauer, Canyon Resources; and Derek Anderson, Sunrise Engineering

Technical paper awards

These winners were chosen by the HydroVision International 2012 technical papers committee. Committee members reviewed all papers received in five categories:

Environmental & Social:

* Third place, Flows and Recreation on Virginia’s New River by Jot Splenda, The Louis Berger Group; Doug Whittaker and Bo Shelby, Confluence Research & Consulting; and Teresa Rogers, Appalachian Power Company

* Second place, Hydropower is For the Birds: Understanding the Benefits, Impacts and Legal Protections by Alan D. Mitchnick, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

* First place, SEFA — Computer Software System for Environmental Flow Analysis Based on the Instream Flow Incremental Methodology by Thomas Payne, Normandeau Associates, and Ian Jowett, Jowett Consulting

Equipment & Technology:

* Third place, Hydro Machine Upgrade and Modernisations: A Practical Approach to Establishing Suitable Reliability and Maintainability from the Start by Fabian Kaica, Hydro Tasmania

* Second place, “Gorona del Viento” El Hierro Hydro-Wind Plant: Meeting the Challenge of Becoming an Energy Self-Sufficient Island by Miguel Fernandez Centeno, Agustà­n Marrero Quevedo and Rafael Caballero Nueda, IDOM International; and John Hart, AEC Engineering

* First place, In Situ Francis Turbine Blade Replacement due to Gross Cavitation by Steven Potter, Peak Hydro Services

Market Trends & Strategies:

* Third place, New Pumped Storage Hydropower in the United States: Benefits, Risks, Revenues and Potential by Rocà­o Martinez and Boualem Hadjerioua, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Patrick O’Connor, BCS; and Norman Bishop, Knight Piesold and Co.

* Second place, Jordan Hydroelectric Project: New Small Hydro on Corps of Engineers’ Dam (or How to Strap a Turbine to the Front of a Headgate) by Paul Cyr, Kleinschmidt Associates; James Price, W.V. Hydro and Noah Corporation; and Andrew Feimster, North Fork Electric

* First place, A Comparison of Advanced Pumped Storage Equipment Drivers in the US and Europe by Richard Fisher, HydroInsights; Jiri Koutnik and Lars Meier, Voith Hydro; Verne Loose, Sandia National Laboratories; Klaus Engels, E.ON; and Thomas Beyer, Vattenfall

Project Management & Operations:

* Third place, Co-optimizing Energy and Ancillary Services from Energy Limited Hydro and Pumped Storage Plants by Brendan Kirby, consultant

* Second place, Fire Protection and Prevention Guidance for Hydroelectric Generating Plants: Review of National Fire Protection Association 851 Recommended Practice for Fire Protection for Hydroelectric Generating Plants by Rickey Johnson, OneBeacon Energy Group

* First place, Application of a New Tool to Optimize Hydropower Day-Ahead Scheduling and Real-Time Operations by Matthew Mahalik, Thomas Veselka and Ashutosh Mahajan, Argonne National Laboratory; and F. Tuan Bui, California Department of Water Resources

Water Management & Movement:

* Third place, An Island Wide Hydropower Study by Randall Boyce, Todd Briggeman and Rafael Frias, Black & Veatch Corporation; and Alberto Lazaro, Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority

* Second place, Geotechnical Construction Solutions for the Smithland Hydroelectric Project by Bruce Phillips and Jim Henry, MWH Americas; and Pete Crusse, American Municipal Power

* First place, Application of a Reservoir Oxygen Diffuser System to Meet Dissolved Oxygen Requirements at the Tillery Hydroelectric Plant, North Carolina by John Crutchfield Jr., Progress Energy Carolinas; Mark Mobley, Mobley Engineering; Richard Ruane, Reservoir Environmental Management; Paul Gantzer, Gantzer Water Resources; Jon Knight, consultant; and Paul Wolff, WolffWare Ltd.

In addition, three plants were inducted into the Hydro Hall of Fame.

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