Iceland utility seeks transformers for 270-MW Burfell hydro project

Iceland utility Landsvirkjun seeks bids to supply generator step-up transformers for the 270-MW Burfell hydroelectric project on the Thjorsa River in southern Iceland. Bids are due March 20.

Landsvirkjun awarded a contract in 1998 to ABB Asea Brown Boveri AB of Sweden to refurbish electrical equipment at Burfell, which supplies one-third of the power for Iceland’s national grid. Modernization at Burfell began in 1996-1997 with installation by Sulzer Hydro of six new Francis turbines.

The utility took bids in 2003 for the Nordlingaalda River Diversion to divert additional water through Burfell and five other hydroelectric projects. It took bids last year for generator step-up transformers for another one of those plants, 80-MW Budarhals on the Tungnaa and Kaldakvisl rivers.

Landsvirkjun now seeks bids to supply three identical single-phase power transformers to act as a generator step-up transformer bank for Burfell Units 1 and 2.

Tender documents may be obtained until 4 p.m. March 19 from the address below. Bids, in English or Icelandic, are due by noon March 20. For information, contact Landsvirkjun, Purchasing Dept., Attn: Petur Petursson, 4202691299, Haaleitisbraut 68, 103 Reykjavik, Iceland; (354) 5159000; Fax: (354) 5159006; E-mail:; Internet:

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