IHA releases tool to track pumped storage hydro projects worldwide

A new tool, called the Hydropower Pumped Storage Tracking Tool, is available to provide locations and vital statistics of existing and planned pumped storage hydro projects worldwide.

The International Hydropower Association developed this tool and launched it at the COP23 climate conference in Bonn, Germany.

The tool provides such data as:

More than 100 pumped storage projects totaling about 75 GW of new capacity are in the pipeline around the world

These 100 planned projects will increase existing global storage capacity by 50%, from 150 GW

The first of these 100 projects will come on line in 2018, and the majority will be operational by 2030

Pumped storage makes up more than 95% of global energy storage. Other technologies that make up the remaining 5% are thermal, electromechanical and electrochemical storage (including lithium batteries), IHA says.

“Pumped storage is the cleanest battery on earth, simply cycling water between two water bodies at different elevations,” said Richard Taylor, chief executive of IHA. “This tracking tool … shines a light on the enormous contribution of pumped storage to meeting the battery demands of clean energy systems, with very high efficiency.”

IHA says this tool is designed for policy makers, investors and researchers.

IHA is a non-profit membership organization with a mission to advance sustainable hydropower by building and sharing knowledge on its role in renewable energy systems, responsible freshwater management and climate change solutions.

HydroWorld provides regular updates on pumped storage activity worldwide. Click here to read more.

In addition, HydroVision International 2018 will feature a couple of sessions on pumped storage. Visit www.hydroevent.com for more information.

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