In-conduit hydroelectric power bill awaits governor’s signature

Legislation recognizing in-conduit hydroelectric power has been approved by Washington’s state Senate.

Sponsored by Reps. Larry Haler and Chad Magendanz, House Bill 2733 would allow the state to count eligible hydropower as “renewable” under the state’s 2006 Energy Independence Act.

The bill would apply to hydroelectric generation from projects created after March 31, 1999, in which the generation facility is located in irrigation pipes and canals, water pipes used for domestic use, and wastewater pipes where the generation does not result in new water diversions or impoundments.

“Many of our farmers, ranchers, orchardists and other landowners have water moving around their property for various reasons,” Haler said. “If the technology and desire exists, landowners should be able to reap the reward of using their water for multiple uses.”

The bill passed the Senate with a 39-10 vote in favor after having passed 89-8 in the House on February 17.

H.R. 2733 now awaits a signature from Washington Governor Jay Inslee. reported in February that Washington’s legislature is also considering another hydro-related bill called Senate Bill 6058.

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