India state selects winners of seven hydro sites

India’s Himachal Pradesh State (HP) has selected winning bidders for development concessions for seven hydropower projects to be built on a build-own-operate-transfer (BOOT) basis, winning firms and India media said.

Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board (HPSEB) has solicited bids for dozens of projects on a BOOT basis in the past three years. The most recent solicitation was in June. (HNN 6/11/07) Reports of winning companies and India media listed winning bidders for seven sites among those offered in 2005 and 2006.

Reports said the HP State Infrastructure Board approved recommendations of Himachal Pradesh Electricity Board for the following developers and their projects:
o Malana Power Co., 200-MW Bara Bhangal (also spelled Bangahal) in the Ravi Basin of Chamba District, and 140-MW Chango-Yangthang (also spelled Youngthang) in Spitli-Satluj Basin of Kinnaur District;
o GMR Energy, 180-MW Bijoli Holi (also spelled Bajoli) in the Ravi Basin of Chamba District;
o DCM Shriram Infrastructure, 108-MW Chhatru in the Chandra-Chenab Basin of Lahaul &Spitli Districts (HNN 5/16/06) ;
o JSW Energy, 261-MW Kuther (also spelled Kutehar or Kutehr) in the Ravi Basin of Chamba District; and
o M/s Brakel, 480-MW Jangi Thopan and 480-MW Thopan Powari, both in the Satluj Basin in Kinnaur District. (HNN 11/23/05)

HP offered winning bidders 40-year concessions after which the projects would be transferred to the state. The projects would be required to provide the state, free of charge, 12 percent of their power for 12 years, 18 percent of their power for the subsequent 18 years, and 30 percent of their power thereafter to the end of the concession. The remaining power may be disposed of in any manner in accordance with the 2003 Electricity Act.


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