Indonesia seeks consultants to prepare dam safety plans

The government of Indonesia invites expressions of interest from consultants to prepare emergency action plans for 24 dams. Responses are due January 25.

With funding from the World Bank, Indonesia’s Directorate General of Water Resources previously recruited consultants in 2009 to provide technical assistance to a Dam Operational Improvement and Safety Program.

Now under that program, the government’s operation and maintenance directorate, Satuan Kerja Direktorat Bina Operasi dan Pemeliharaan, seeks consultants to prepare emergency action plans for seven packages of dams:

  1. BOP-CS-08: Way Raem, Way Tengkorak, Sermo, and Situ Patok dams;
  2. BOP-CS-09: Klego, Gunung Rowo, and Banyukuwung dams;
  3. BOP-CS-11: Parangjoho, Delingan, Ngancar, and Nawangan dams;
  4. BOP-CS-12: Pondok, Prijetan, Tlogo Pasir, and Kedungbendo dams;
  5. BOP-CS-13: Batu Bulan, Sumi, and Gapit dams;
  6. BOP-CS-14: Mamak, Jerowaru, and Sepayung Dalam dams;
  7. BOP-CS-15: Waerita, Manubulu, and Livuhanani dams;

Work is to include: topographic and bathymetric surveys; dam break analyses; socio-economic surveys and identification of dam hazard classifications; preparation of emergency action plans; economic loss analyses due to dam breach; and public consultation meetings, information extension, and arrangement of legalization of each emergency action plan.

Further information may be obtained from the address below until 5 p.m. January 23. Expressions of interest and qualifications are due, including by mail, fax or e-mail, by 3 p.m. January 25.

For information, contact Selection Committee (POKJA II), Satuan Kerja Direktorat Bina Operasi dan Pemeliharaan, Gedung Ditjen SDA 5th Floor, Jl. Pattimura 20, Kebayoran Baru – Jakarta Selatan 12110 Indonesia; (62) 21-7395500; Fax: (62) 21-7246312; E-mail:

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