Instream Energy to use BAE center to advance hydrokinetic turbine

VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada 11/9/11 (PennWell) — International technology firm BAE Systems has agreed to grant Instream Energy Systems ongoing access to BAE’s Advanced Technology Center to develop further Instream’s hydrokinetic turbine technology.

Instream, of Vancouver, is an early stage renewable energy company focused on development and commercialization of proprietary hydrokinetic power generation systems.

“The successful commercialization of hydrokinetics requires a lifetime of expertise in hydrodynamics and airplane wing design that a company like BAE Systems can give us,” Instream Chief Executive Officer Patrick Earle said. “BAE Systems technological development and commercial fund raising support will accelerate the commercialization, in Canada, of this Canadian renewable energy innovation.”

In 2010, Instream worked with BAE on a demonstration project at Duncan Dam, a BC Hydro storage dam on the Duncan River in British Columbia that regulates flows into the Kootenay River Basin. BC Hydro allowed Instream and Powertech Labs to install four 25-kW vertical-axis turbine-generators and systems developed by Powertech in the Duncan Dam tailrace to demonstrate the technology.

“The Instream demonstration project at BC Hydro’s Duncan Dam underscores that a hydrokinetic system has a small environmental footprint, and has the potential to produce clean and renewable electricity on a commercial basis,” BC Hydro Chief Technology Officer Kip Morison said.

Director John Rossall of BAE’s Offset Programs said Instream expects to remove much of the business risk associated with the next generation of hydrokinetics as a result of its relationship with BAE, BC Hydro, and Powertech.

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