International Hydropower Association releases 2015 Hydropower Status Report

The International Hydropower Association announces availability of its 2015 Hydropower Status Report.

The 76-page report features statistics on new installed capacity around the world, as well as updates on key topics, such as climate change, hydropower’s role in the energy mix, and the water-energy nexus.

According to the report, an estimated 36 GW of new installed capacity came on line in 2014, along with 1.46 GW of pumped storage. Top countries include China (adding 21.85 GW), Brazil (3.31 GW), Canada (1.72 GW), Turkey (1.35 GW) and Russia (1.22 GW).

Total hydropower generation for the year is estimated at 3,900 TWh. About 16% of global electricity generation comes from hydropower, the report says.

This report gives comprehensive insights into new global developments in the hydropower sector, with detailed regional analysis of North and Central America, South America, Africa, Europe, South and Central Asia, and East Asia and Pacific.

Several case studies are included in the report, such as the Longyangxia solar PV-hydro hybrid station in China; the El Hierro renewable energy for remote island systems in Spain; and Iceland’s plan for 100% renewables at a national scale.

With regard to the water-energy nexus, the IHA report says “one of the key emerging issues within the nexus is the difference between water use and consumption.”

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