Ireland to seek monitoring of small renewables pilot program

The government of Ireland plans to seek bids for data monitoring and evaluation services for a micro- and small-scale generation pilot trial, including small hydropower.

In a prior information notice, Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI) said it plans to issue an invitation to tender to provide the monitoring and evaluation services for the pilot trial of about 50 micro- and small-scale generation installations.

SEO said pilot installations primarily will involve wind and solar photovoltaic projects, with a lesser number of hydropower generators. Services are to include installation, maintenance, and monitoring of meters and instrumentation at each pilot site for the duration of the trial.

SEI said it scheduled the start of award procedures for November 28.

In January, Ireland released a report finding it feasible to generate 42 percent of Ireland’s electricity from renewable sources by 2020, up from the current target of 33 percent. (HNN 1/17/08)

For information, contact Micheal McCarthy, Sustainable Energy Ireland, Glasnevin, IRL-Dublin 9 Ireland; (353) 1-8082486; Fax: (353) 1-8082244; E-mail:; Internet:

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