Italy utility awards rehab contracts for 65-MW Rosone

Italian power company IRIDE Energia has awarded contracts totaling 36.4 million euros (US$48.7 million) for rehabilitation of the 65-MW Rosone hydroelectric plant in the Orco River Valley.

IRIDE, a joint venture of utilities AEM Torino and AMGA di Genova, awarded a 21 million euro (US$28.1 million) contract to VA Tech Escher Wyss, VA Tech Hydro GmbH, Voith Siemens Hydro Power Generation, Cogeis SpA, and ATB Riva Calzoni SpA. The consortium is to supply and install new hydraulic machinery, valves, and civil works for generating units 1-4. The group was the sole bidder.

IRIDE also awarded a 15.4 million euro (US$20.6 million) contract to Jeumont s.a. of France to supply new electrical works for the plant, including excitation. Jeumont was one of three bidders.

The Rosone plant was built in 1929 as part of the Ceresole-Rosone hydroelectric system. In 1959, that system was integrated with a new Telessio-Eugio-Rosone hydroelectric system, which supplies water to the same hydro plant.

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