Italy utility names three groups to operate 764-MW Valtellina system

Milan-based utility AEM S.p.A. has awarded contracts totaling 4.5 million euros (US$6.48 million) to three Italian consortia to operate and maintain AEM’s 765-MW Valtellina hydroelectric system in the Valtellina Valley of Italy’s Lombardy Region.

The three groups, which each received a contract of 1.5 million euros (US$2.16 million) competed to perform the work in tendering that had been valued at 6 million euros (US$8.6 million) for three years. (HNN 3/1/07)

Winning bidders are ATI Grolli Costruzioni Srl/Costruzioni Edil Lampo Srl of San Giacomo di Teglio; ATI Pruneri Costruzioni Srl/C.M.A. Srl of Grosio; and ATI Conf Costruzioni Srl/Giacomelli Costruzioni Srl of Bormio.

The Valtellina hydro system includes seven power plants and four reservoirs. Facilities include:
o 226-MW Premadio on the Alpe, Gavia, Frodolfo, Zebru, and Forcola rivers;
o 10-MW Grosotto and 3.3-MW Boscaccia (in the same building) on the Adda River;
o 428-MW Grosio on the Adda, Viola, Frodolfo, Vallecetta, Massaniga, Vendrello, Migiondo, Eita, and Sacco rivers, and utilizing discharge of the Premadio plant;
o 49-MW Lovero on Grosotto reservoirs, and using discharge of the Grosio plant;
o 30-MW Stazzona on the Adda River;
o 19-MW Braulio on the Braulio River; and
o San Giacomo, Cancano, and Val Grosina dams.


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