Italy water utility seeks bids to equip four micro-hydro projects

Italian municipal water supplier Romagna Acque-Societa delle Fonti S.p.A. seeks bids to supply turbine-generators and other equipment for four micro-hydropower projects in Italy totaling 575 kW at a total cost of 820,000 euros (US$1.1 million). Bids are due February 5.

Romagna Acque is investing 1.7 million euros (US$2.3 million) to begin exploiting assets of its water system to generate renewable energy, notably hydroelectric power.

Earlier this month in Italy, utility Edison S.p.A. awarded a contract to Hydro Energia S.r.l. to supply turbine-generators and other equipment to the 2.6-MW Fontanamora hydroelectric project. Verona’s municipal utility took bids in October for electro-mechanical equipment for the 4.19-MW Belfiore hydroelectric project.

In the current solicitation, Romagna Acque seeks bids to supply turbine-generators and other equipment for micro-hydropower projects along its water network downstream of Monte Casale Reservoir:

  • Lot 1, 85-kW Forli, Forli Reservoir in Forli, 180,000 euros (US$244,190);
  • Lot 2, 110-kW Cappuccini, Cappuccini Reservoir in Cesena, 180,000 euros (US$244,190);
  • Lot 3, 110-kW Pariolino, Pariolino Reservoir in Riccione, 180,000 euros (US$244,190);
  • Lot 4, 270-kW Montalbano, Montalbano Reservoir in San Giovanni, 280,000 euros (US$379,846).

Tender documents may be obtained from the address below or from the Romagna Acque Internet site,, under “Bandi.”

Bids, in Italian, are due by 12:30 p.m. February 5. For information, contact Marzia Biondi, Romagna Acque-Societa delle Fonti S.p.A., Piazza del Lavoro 35, 47122 Forli (FC) Italy; (39) 054338493; E-mail:; Internet:


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