Kiewit selected by California DWR to repair damaged Oroville Dam spillway

California’s Department of Water Resources has awarded a contract worth $275,443,850 to Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. to perform repairs at Oroville Dam, according to a work order issued this week.

Per the agreement, Kiewit is to begin reconstruction on Oroville’s failed spillways immediately, with the goal for the system to be operational before the region’s wet winter season that traditionally begins in November.

“The complete recovery or replacement of the spillways will be done in multiple phases due to the enormity of the project and the time limitations of the construction season,” the agency said in a release, noting that preliminary work such as road construction and slope stabilization and other “no regrets” work has already begun.

Kiewit’s bid was the lowest of three, beating offers from Barnard Ames JV and Oroville Dam Constructors. reported February 8 that DWR had suspended flows over Oroville Dam’s main spillway as officials began investigating concrete erosion on its bottom half. The suspension of releases over the main spillway, coupled with heavy rain in the region, led to releases from the dam’s auxiliary earthen spillway and the fear that a failure caused by further erosion could result in catastrophic damage downstream along the Feather River.

DWR resumed operation of Oroville’s flood control spillway on March 17 before beginning to drop water levels in Lake Oroville several days later.

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