Kongsberg releases new device for underwater inspections

Technology manufacturer Kongsberg Mesotech Limited has released a new ultra high-resolution sonar head with applications in underwater inspections of hydropower projects and dams.

Called the 1171 Series Multi-Frequency High Resolution Fan/Cone Sonar Head, both the device’s cone and fan transducer settings feature multiple frequencies, allowing the user to best tailor the unit for their needs.

“This new sonar head operates at high frequency to provide ultra-fine resolution data, delivering a superb image typical of Mesotech scanning sonars,” Kongsberg Mesotech Product Group Manager Bogdan Constantinescu said. “Not only is there increased resolution, but the multi-frequency capability opens up new opportunities for exploring the texture and other frequency-dependent characteristics of smaller acoustic targets in the underwater environment.”

Kongsberg Mesotech has also released a new version of its MS 1000 processing software, which supports all multi-frequency sonar heads with selectable and tunable frequencies.

More information about the 1171 Series and MS 1000 software can be found at Kongsberg Mesotech’s website here.

Kongsberg Mesotech is a Canadian subsidiary of Kongsberg Maritime.

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