KWH, Armco Staco announce Brazilian penstock manufacturing partnership

Finland’s KWH Pipe Ltd. Has granted an exclusive license to Brazil’s Armco Staco S.A. Industria Metalurgica to manufacture and market its Weholite pipe, the company has announced.

KWH Pipe‘s Weholite line consists of high-density polyethylene pipe, fittings and fabricated assemblies with “enhanced flow rates compared with steel, cast iron or concrete,” the company said.

The pipe system has already been used for penstock applications at a number of hydroelectric projects, including Ontario’s 10.4-MW Wawaitin; British Columbia’s 25-MW Fire Creek, 16.7-MW Tipella Creek and 27.6-MW Douglas Creek; and Montana’s 4.1-MW Big Fork hydropower plants.

KWH Pipe said it already has nine other manufacturing licensees spread across the globe.

Armco Staco will produce Weholite products at a newly-constructed plant in Resende. The company said it expects them to be available by the end of 2013.

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