Kyrgyzstan seeks consultants for refurbishment of 1,200-MW Toktogul hydro project

Kyrgyzstan utility Electric Power Plants (EPP) seeks expressions of interest from consultants to assist in Phases 2 and 3 of the rehabilitation of the 1,200-MW Toktogul hydroelectric project on Kyrgyzstan’s Naryn River. Responses are due October 4.

EPP took bids in 2013 to replace electrical components, auxiliaries, and instrumentation as part of refurbishment of Toktogul. It also recruited consultants in 2011 to supervise initial rehabilitation work at Toktogul, the largest hydro project in Kyrgyzstan with annual storage capacity. Kyrgyzstan’s Ministry of Energy and Industry also sought consultants in 2012 to conduct a dam safety assessment of five hydroelectric projects in the Naryn River cascade including Toktogul.

Phase 1 of the rehabilitation is ongoing, covering rehabilitation of priority secondary mechanical and electrical equipment such as cables, circuit breakers and step-up transformers, and inspection of gates and hydraulic steel structures. Procurement was delayed due to insufficient compliant bids, with a contract award expected in June 2015.

The current solicitation is for consultants to assist in project implementation of Phase 2 and due diligence for Phase 3. The work is expected to require 78 months with a budget of US$10 million.

Phase 2 is to consist of two turnkey contracts: Lot 1 for refurbishment of gates and hydraulic steel structures and Lot 2 for replacement of two of the project’s four 300-MW turbine-generators, Units 2 and 4. Consultant work includes review and finalization of bid documents; assistance in pre-qualification and tendering; evaluation of bids; contract preparation; and supervision, inspection and monitoring of civil, mechanical and electrical works of the rehabilitation project.

Phase 3 is to consist of replacement of the project’s remaining two turbine-generators, Units 1 and 3, and civil structure repairs. Consultant work includes due diligence for the work such as identification of priority rehabilitation needs, preparation of a project implementation plan and schedule, and financial management.

A solicitation notice may be obtained from the ADB Internet site,, under the links “Businesses,” “Consulting Opportunities,” “Energy,” “LOAN 46348-003 KGZ.”

Expressions of interest are to be submitted via the ADB website by October 4. For information, contact: Samat Aldeev, OSJC Electric Power Plants, 326 Jibek Jolu Prospect, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic; (996) 312663409; E-mail:


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