Larger replacement unit shipped to Russia’s 2,000-MW Bureyskaya

Making what is now a familiar trip, a 100-ton-plus turbine was delivered November 23 by special truck, giant cargo plane, and heavy tractor to the 2,000-MW Bureyskaya hydroelectric project in Russia’s Amurskaya Region.

Although Bureyskaya has been running a full complement of six turbine-generators since 2007, plant owner RusHydro is replacing 190-MW units first installed before Bureyskaya’s dam had reached its full height. (HNN 10/24/07) Now that the dam is being enlarged, the new unit being delivered is rated at 339.5 MW, RusHydro said.

Like the previous giant units, the new turbine was shipped from Leningradsky Metallicheskiy Zavod, the St. Petersburg unit of hydro equipment supplier OJSC Power Machines. The unit was trucked through the nighttime streets of St. Petersburg to Pulkovo Airport, where it was loaded on a Polyot Airlines An-124 Ruslan cargo plane for shipment to Russia’s Far East.

The new unit is to be launched in late December, RusHydro said.

Work on Bureyskaya began in the early 1980s but was suspended in the 1990s due to insufficient funding. In 2000, the project was made a top priority. In 2006, project management was transferred to RusHydro, the giant hydropower generating company.

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