IRENA and International Labour Organization to cooperate on energy employment

The Directors-General of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and International Labour Organization (ILO) have signed an agreement to reinforce their cooperation to promote...
Ituango hydroelectric

Second builder of 2.4-GW Ituango hydro project seeks debt restructuring plan

Colombia's Conconcreto, one of the contractors responsible for building the troubled 2.4-GW Ituango hydro project, has begun a debt restructuring process to avoid bankruptcy...

World Energy Outlook 2021: Transition to renewables not fast enough for net-zero targets

The International Energy Agency called for "unmistakable" action by world leaders to reduce emissions ahead of the COP26 Climate Change Conference, warning that the global transition to renewable energy isn't happening quickly enough to meet net-zero goals.
Ituango hydroelectric

Colombia group warns of “terrible consequences” as Ituango builders face dismissal

A change of contractors for Colombia's beleaguered 2.4-GW Ituango hydro project would lead to further delays and cost overruns while placing the country at...
Colorado flag

Hydropower and Colorado: A winning combination

The State of Colorado in the U.S. is known to many as a beautiful vacation destination, but it’s also got a rich connection to...
IHA award

IHA named 2021 International Association of the Year

The International Hydropower Association has been named International Association of the Year in the 2021 Association Excellence Awards. The awards recognize the essential work that...

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