Latin bank, Japan finance Colombia program including small hydro

The Inter-American Development Bank announced the approval of a US$960,000 grant through the Japanese Fund for Consultancy Services to strengthen electricity service in non-grid-connected areas of Colombia.

The project is to be coordinated with the Instituto de Planificacion de Soluciones Energeticas (IPSE), which is charged with developing energy projects from conventional and non-conventional sources, including sources such as solar and small hydropower, in non-interconnected zones.

IPSE, which is to provide local counterpart funds of US$240,000, also elaborates plans, programs, and projects of power infrastructure for the areas in question.

The program is to contribute to the expansion of electricity service in non-interconnected zones of the Pacific Region, including Choco, Valle del Cauca, Cauca, and Narino departments. It also is to identify alternatives for power supply to San Andres and Providencia islands and to support the awarding of concessions of energy services in the non-interconnected zones.

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