Lemolo No. 2 tailrace rerouting project near completion

NAMPA, Idaho, U.S. 10/17/11 (PennWell) — Oldcastle Precast has supplied 3,000 feet of precast concrete pipe, elbow, transition pieces and manholes for the out- and in-flow portion of PacifiCorp’s Lemolo No. 2 tailrace rerouting project in Douglas County, Ore.

The project is the result of a seven-year design process that will reroute discharge from the Lemolo No. 2 powerhouse to Toketee Reservoir in accordance with the North Umpqua Settlement Agreement, Section 5.4.

Cofferdams were used for both the inlet and outlet structures in an effort to keep the project on schedule, and construction took place from both ends. The 3,000 feet of pipe — buried along Toketee-Rigdon Road through the Toketee recreation area — will carry 700 cfs and eliminate ramping in the Lemolo No. 2’s reach of the North Umpqua River.

The 12-foot lengths provided by Oldcastle Precast includes 108” diameter concrete pipeline at the inlet and outlet with 96” diameter concrete pipe in the middle. The pipeline is t-lok lined in portions, and it makes multiple turns and grade changes. Inlet and outlet pieces were poured with steel rings cast into the pipe to allow connection to a cast-in-place head wall. Three T-Top manhole pipe sections — each with a 48” manhole cast into them — were proved for easy access into the pipeline.

Weekly Brothers, Inc. is the general contractor overseeing the construction and McMillen LLC is the project engineer.

The project is scheduled for completion at the end of this month.

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