Loan approved for flood management and drainage improvement project in China

The World Bank announced it has approved a $200 million loan to support the Huai River Basin Flood Management and Drainage Improvement Project in China.

The World Bank loan will finance construction or rehabilitation of dikes, flood control works and waterways as well as the enhancement of disaster assessment and support systems.

The Huai River Basin Flood Management and Drainage Improvement Project will supplement the government’s efforts and focus on relatively medium and small size works on the lesser tributaries in the poorer rural areas in the Huai River Basin in the provinces of Jiangsu, Shandong, Anhui and Henan to provide the local population with better and more secure protection against floods and water logging, increase farmland productivity and reduce property losses.

The Huai River Basin is one of the seven large river basins in China. Major flood and water-logging disasters occur every three to five years, causing huge economic losses in the flood plains of the basin. Following the disastrous 2003 floods, which caused direct economic losses equivalent to $4.5 billion and left thousands of people homeless, the government of China gave priority to the development of flood control and drainage infrastructure in the basin. The government has carried out a number of programs with an aim to upgrade the flood control standards.

The World Bank recently approved $780 million to fund infrastructure projects in India, including $350 million for dam improvements, wire services reported.

The funding will comprise $350 million for improving 220 dams and $430 million for improving Mumbai’s suburban railway, according to wire reports.

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