Madagascar seeks rehab of 3.7-MW Antelomita 2, 24-MW Mandraka

Madagascar’s national utility seeks bids to supply equipment and services for rehabilitation of the 3.7-MW Antelomita 2 and 24-MW Mandraka hydroelectric projects. Bids in separate solicitations are due December 20 and 24.

With a US$10 million credit from the World Bank’s International Development Association, utility Jiro Sy Rano Malagasy (Jirama) previously called for bids by November 26 for spare parts for rehabilitation of the 58-MW Andekaleka hydroelectric project (HNN 10/18/07) and applications for pre-qualification by November 19 to supply a new fourth turbine-generator for Andekaleka. (HNN 10/10/07) Jirama also seeks bids December 19 and 21 for materials and equipment to interconnect hydropower projects to the island nation’s grid system. (HNN 10/31/07)

In the first of the two most recent solicitations, Jirama seeks bids by 9 a.m. December 20 to supply materials, equipment, and services related to the rehabilitation of the three-unit Antelomita 2 project. A mandatory site visit is scheduled at 9 a.m. November 21.

In the second solicitations, Jirama seeks bids by 9 a.m. December 24 to supply materials and equipment for the four-unit Mandraka project and for the Ampopoka substation.

Tender documents in French may be obtained, for each solicitation, for 100,000 ariaries (US$55.65) or the equivalent if obtained at the office of the first address below. They may be obtained from the same address for US$250 if requested for delivery by courier or e-mail. Payment is by bank draft to Jiro Sy Rano Malagasy. Bids are due in sealed envelope to the second address below.

For information contact:
o Jiro Sy Rano Malagasy (Jirama), Direction de l’equipment electricite, Directeur de l’equipment electricite Dieudonne Raoelijaona, 13 Rue Rabezavana, Ambodifilao, Lot SIAG 15 bis, Bureau No. porte, 4eme etage, Antananarivo 101 Madagascar; (261) 2-02226868; Fax: (261) 2-02226936; E-mail:; or
o Jiro Sy Rano Malagasy (Jirama), Direction Generale, 149 Rue Rainandriamampandry, Bureau du Secretariat de la Direction generale, Etage No. 2, Ambohijatovo, Antananarivo 101 Madagascar; (261) 2-02220031; Fax: (261) 2-02238306; E-mail:

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